May 2022 Newsletter 

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Dear colleagues, friends, members of the APG,

I am confident that all of you will join in thanking Dr Andrew Wroe for his leadership of the Group during the past four years. 

Andy agreed to extend his term of office to take the Group through the worst of the coronavirus pandemic.  He made sure that the two core activities of the APG kept going. 

  • The Colloquium continued to connect us with the Congress to Campus programme.  With the support of the Eccles Centre at the British Library these took place as web-based events in November 2020 and 2021 
  • Having organised the APG’s last in-person conference at Canterbury in January 2020, Andy then personally hosted the excellent annual APG conferences in January 2021 and 2022.  Surely, he will be the only APG member ever to organise three consecutive conferences!

All supporters of the APG will appreciate the effort and skill that Andy Wroe has invested in maintain the APG at this time.  We could probably do with him staying on indefinitely, but really, he has other things to do!  Dr Wroe stepped down from the Chair of APG at the 2022 conference.  Once again, on behalf of all of us – Thank you, Andy – I have no doubt we shall be asking your advice! 

The new Chair is Professor Philip Davies (  Dr Dafydd Townley (Portsmouth) is the Vice-Chair and Treasurer. 

We are currently building team to support the future of the APG – including the return of in-person events, the retention of everything learned from two years of web-based events and looking for more ways to benefit APG’s members and supporters. 

Josephine Harmon (UCL) and Laura Smith (Oxford) have agreed to be our PG/EC & membership team.  Pete Finn (Kingston) has formed a team to develop the Group’s web presence.  Other colleagues have stepped up to investigate the possibility of hosting conferences at their institutions. 

We hope it will not take long to begin showing the benefits of these developments, and we shall keep you informed.  Please get in touch with your suggestions and any offers of help. 

Meanwhile – mark FRIDAY 11th NOVEMBER on your calendar – the date of the 2022 APG Colloquium – just three days after this year’s Mid-Term elections. 

We look forward to being able to get together again!

Thank you for your support