De Montfort University, The Challenge of the Future: The Quality of Life for Coming Generations

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Unfolding Our Shared Future talk series: De Montfort University Public Event

28 April, 6 – 7.30pm, Hugh Aston Building, Room 0.08, De Montfort University

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Recent opinion polls have suggested that optimism concerning expectations of the future is declining. This shift has been attributed to climate change, equity, diversity and inclusion in society, projections of the future standards of living, and trust in political leadership. The event will explore the anxieties and opportunities Millennials, Gen Z, and others have with regards to these issues.

Tea and coffee will be served on arrival from 5.30pm and the event will start at 6pm. The discussion finishes at 7.30pm and will be followed by a drinks reception.

You can contact if you have any special access requirements.

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About the Speakers

Femi Oluwole is a political commentator with 400,000 followers on Twitter having risen to prominence during the Brexit campaigns. He is a Law graduate who grew up across England, Scotland and Wales. He worked in EU human rights in Brussels and Vienna for 3 years, before returning to the UK to tackle Brexit and the direction that it has been taking the UK. He co-founded a youth movement against Brexit called Our Future Our Choice which ran from January 2018-December 2019 and appeared across Sky News, BBC News, and GMB. He makes regular appearances on Jeremy Vine and writes for the Independent.

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Ernest Paicopolos

Ernest Paicopolos is the founder and CEO of Polity Research Consulting LLC. He has had a remarkable career in US public opinion research, from advising on Jimmy Carter’s re-election campaign, through a career providing research to scores of clients in a wide range of businesses, trade associations, government agencies, political campaigns, non-profits and non-governmental organisations as well as supervising political polling for a number of television stations and newspapers.

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This talk is part of a series, titled ‘Unfolding Our Shared Future’, which is delivered by the American Politics Group of the Political Studies Association and the host universities with the support of the British Association of American Studies and US Embassy in London.