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We are an active group, with events key to our goal of providing a forum for the discussion of all aspects of American Politics.

Our two largest events are our Annual Conference and our Colloquium.

In 2022-23 we have delivered the Unfolding Our Shared Future talk series, with support from host universities, the British Association of American Studies and the US Embassy in London.

We also run ad-hoc events. Subscribe to our newsletter for information about them.

Annual Conference

Held every year since the early 1970s, our conference is hosted by a different institution each year. In 2024, our 50th annual conference will be hosted by Queen Mary University of London.

You can find further information about our annual conference here.


Held at the British Library, our annual colloquium brings together keynote speakers, former members of Congress, academics, practitioners, journalists, and others interested in US politics for lively discussions and debates around current issues driving the US political system.

You can find further information about our colloquium here.

Unfolding Our Shared Future Talk Series

The ‘Unfolding Our Shared Future: Challenge, Possibility and Potential in the 21st Century’ talk series – a travelling festival addressing issues facing the US and UK in domestic, trans-Atlantic and global contexts.

You can find further information about the series here.